Wednesday, October 28, 2009

~*~ enjet enjet semut~*~

got this lagu dr adik ipar yg dtg berkunjung ujung minggu aritu..auni kemain syok klu dengar lagu ni coz suara ala2 kartun chip N dale gitu..t'goyang2 kepala & badan,hubby bluetooth ke anset dia utk auni..

enjet..enjet semut
siapa sakit naik atas..4x
you may have burgers...
we have ketupats...
you may have bruce lee
we have hang jebat..
you have palystation
we fly wau bulan
you ride dragon boat Oi Oi
we ride our sampan

You have your ah lian
we have our Minah
you wear your sari
they wear kebaya
friendly and preety
sexy dasyatnya!
no need for flowers Oi Oi
crazy for vespa!

enjet..enjet semut

siapa sakit naik atas...4x
Soccer and guitar
it is in our blood..
we sing at void deck..
sorry if too loud..
we don't mean no harm..
we share hap-pi-ness..
do not hesitate Oi Oi
come down and join us!

Some say we laid back
some don't understand..
listen I explain..
We don't aim this world..
we aim hereafter..
working hard all day Oi Oi
RELAX one corner!

enjet..enjet semut

siapa sakit naik atas...4x
Humble and modest
we like it simple..
slowly but surely..
no need to struggle..
this short song I sing..
for you to ponder..
if you disagree Oi Oi
see who live longer!

Coming from kampung
peaceful and stress free..
sopan and adat..
takes prio-ree-tee
gotong and royong
one big family!

peaceful and loving Oi Oi
that's Malay to me 2x
 you may have Britney Oi Oi
We love our Siti

enjet..enjet semut

siapa sakit naik atas...4x

Back to my roots
"enjet-enjet semut music video"
produced by Evil Bunny
Mr. Dooba on guitar


ZatuL said...

adik2 saya pun suka..siap mengapal lagi..kalau nk blik kg,mesti kne bwk balik laptop..alasannya nak tengok lagu tu..

norhalimawati said...

haha..2lah pasal..klu nangis pun leh benti hehe